How Does This Work?

We Auto-Detect Your City
When you visit our homepage, we auto-detect your city to save you that one step of having to choose it.
So Many Categories
That's right. Once the desired city is selected, just select any category and see the results as they show up in a jiffy.
Next, Distance
To expand your search, just increase the distance. No need to switch cities.
Tell Me The Future
We are definitely not sitting idle! There's a lot more to come, more listings, more features and more cities. We have but one, simple mission.

This is Awesome! What Can I Do?

You can change the world! For now, help make the experience better for yourself, your family, your friends and even complete strangers (you do believe in good karma, don't you).

Tell Someone!
Loved a restaurant, that sari shop, or your beautician? If we helped you in anyway, help us help someone else! Tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter, that latest social network from Google, and of course, Yelp! Your support is what motivates us to work harder and faster :)
Upload Pics
You can easily submit pictures for any business or event! Your phone has a camera, we have many many upload buttons. Snap, own, share.
Add Missing Listings
Okay, so, maybe we missed a business in your neighborhood? And it had to be the one place you really like. You know technology is not perfect. But we are trying to be! Tell us about the business our algorithms missed out and get some real brownie points. When the time comes to distribute rewards you will be at the top of our list! Use the add a business button at the top of every page.
Think You Can Do Better?
Send us your feedback, suggestions, thoughts, comments, anything you think we need to hear to improve your experience.